Australian curriculum center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group


  The Australian curriculum center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group is the ACT overseas school directly supervised and evaluated by the BSSS, our school adopts the high school courses of ACT (region belonging to the capital Canberra) which are the official high school courses and diploma certificate in Australia and one of the national course standard projects of the western government officials ensured by the western education law in China currently.  

  As the city having the highest education level in Australia, Canberra is not only the capital of Australia but also the location of the Australian federal government as well as lies in the special area of capital territory of Australia (ACT), besides, it owns comprehensive and excellent educational resources. Owing to its position in national importance, Canberra can be said to be a global city owing multi-culture population, which attracts the students from Australia and the world as well as the first-class scholars from all over the world to come for learning.  

  After the students enter the school, they register for the official high school roll (the personal information of the students will be input into the Ministry of Education of Canberra) of the Ministry of Education of Canberra-the capital of Australia, have the same legal position with the local students and share the qualified educational resources and official entrance green channel; all the foreign teachers are directly appointed by the Ministry of Education of Canberra and will hold the position after the training and recognition of BSSS, besides, excellent bilingual teachers will be equipped from the domestic to be the assistants thus to help the students adapt to the transition among the language, knowledge and skill and make improvement.  

Cultivation goal
  We devote ourselves to provide the lifetime education chance of “facing the world, cognizing the world, changing the world and facing the future, adapting to the future and creating the future” for the families and children in the whole world. Cultivate the students with the “learning capability, leadership capability, innovation capability, critical thinking ability, cooperation and common development capability, cognition and discovering unknown capability, cooperation and innovation capability” and the scientific capability such as “responsibility spirit, responsibility awareness, propositional thinking, vision of the world and overall viewpoint”, provide the education of comprehensively humanistic quality, training as well as support and services for the students.

管理模式Management mode
  The school establishes the international education management leading team to take charge of handling the teaching work and coordinating the daily affairs. The school will inherit the schooling idea of “managing strictly, building good school spirit, pursuing high quality and creating characteristic”, persist in the schooling policy of “guided by moral education, paying attention to process, cultivating capability and carrying forward specialties” of the international class, cultivate the “patriotic, aggressive, hardworking, helpful and able-bodied “modern Chinese” with international view, build the “standard, dedicated, comfortable and perfect” international schooling.    

师资配备Teaching staff
  The Chinese courses are taught by the teachers from China and other disciplines are conducted by foreign teachers in an English environment, meanwhile, there are bilingual teachers from China arranged to be the assistants for tutoring. Conduct teaching in small classes with 25 persons in each class, the excellent teachers are employed to be the head teacher, besides, one outstanding psychological mentor is arranged for every 50 students to take charge of the moral education and psychological tutoring, meanwhile the entrance guidance teachers are also equipped for the students.